A Clear Vision – to achieve goals

Can you believe it? It’s already October. Before we know it, it will be January again and we’ll all be setting new intentions for the year ahead. But what about the resolutions you made at the beginning of 2017? What have you done with those? Are you exercising three days a week just like you […]

How does your state influence your choices?

  You’re known for generating great ideas, learning quickly and coming up with solutions that work – except, you haven’t been on top of your game lately and you’re not sure what’s changed. The likely culprit is stress. In order to access a broader spectrum of your brain function, your body needs energy as a […]

Healthy Yoga Practice

It’s easy to be put off yoga when the majority of images we see on social media are of Instagram-filter-loving hipsters in their designer leggings, looking the picture of serenity as they balance on one finger. (Okay, so that’s only a slight exaggeration – but those poses can look just as impossible!) As great as […]

Accelerate your Learning Ability

  Learning new things in life is an essential skill to progress in our work, sustain our lifestyle, and even keep ourselves young and agile. Tip #1 Learning a new skill is always sensitively dependent on getting the initial conditions right. Being in the right head space, having the right level of focus on the […]

Ayahuasca 1st Ceremony – The Day After

This is a very interesting look back in time after the first ceremony. I was so scattered and trying to make sense of what just happened. Great to watch this now after the full experience. The one thing I would correct though is my comments about how much you purge in a ceremony correlating to […]