I have an idea for a business – So what do I do?

In the past month I have had the same question from a number of young “will be” entrepreneurs – I have this idea but I don’t know how to get it started.

I recently listened to a Pod Cast of This Week in Startups which I still rate as one of the best Pod Casts series for anyone starting a business. Jason Calacanis interviewed Alan Schaaf who founded imgur, which is an image sharing social platform with 128m unique visitors per month (Pretty impressive).

What I liked most about this story is Alan Schaaf founded Imgur while he was still in college at Ohio University, and simply looked to solve one of his frustrations around image sharing options on Reddit. The key point I make to almost everyone I speak with is start small! Find a problem that you can relate to, and go about innovating how you can fix it by bringing something new into the world that does not exist.. or if it does exist and you think you can do it better, then that will work too.

For young entrepreneurs the value is in the journey itself. Even if your idea falls on it’s face, you will have learned a great deal which you will take into the next idea. Or you may just hit it out of the ball part as Allan did.

After 5 years, the company took on venture capital for the first time this year: $40m from Andreessen Horowitz and Reddit itself.

I would really recommend listening to this episode where Jason sits down with Alan. Some great insights with a humble down to earth founder! Here is the link:

Jason Calacanis interview with Alan Schaaf

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